Draft Minutes of SPI-3 Working Group

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Well I don't know what happened on the attendance roster but Mayank Patel
does not share John Masiewicz's Email address. The address should be
patel at cdg.seagate.com.

<<The SPI-2 description of case 4 hot-plugging was reviewed.  Gene Milligan
closed the discussion by noting that it is hard to say you will not get
and difficult to say you will never get undetectable errors.  Gene
that everything points to the importance of adding CRC when the transfer
are increased.>>

     This seems accurate but leaves out my key statement that all the
discussion seems to be directed at the fact the SPI-2 standard works well
and that since it is a forwarded draft standard why is the working group
spending more time on SPI-2?

Regarding QAS <<and none produced the problems that Bruce could show to be

     Should this be "and none produced the problems that Bruce thought
would be fatal."?

<<Gene Milligan presented 98-152r0, an overview of a Fast-80 proposal
Fast 80ish in the presentation)>>

     This is certainly accurate but with the parenthetical statement
included my statement that "it was titled Fast 80ish since it included some
techniques that probably are not required for Fast 80 but could very well
be used with Fast 160" should also be included.

     I think that the minutes should include the fact that there was
general agreement (or at least no opposition) to the fact that the proposal
also removed HVD support from SPI-3 except so far for the DIFFSENS values.

<<Ed say that he would not be applying for a patent and the Quantum
representatives said that any
patents covering the 98-154 proposal would be licensed at no cost.>>

     I think they actually said they were not aware of any patents or
patent applications but if Quantum did have a patent required for the
standard it would be licensed by them to anyone implementing the standard
at no cost.


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