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As per Ed Gardner's request: 

>>There is no need to go all the way to the Acrobat 3.0 Reader, you can have
>>your cake and eat it too if the creation of the PDF is done with 3.0 but
>>with the 2.1 backwards compatibility preference set. The PDFs will have a
>>similar reduction in size but are readable by 2.1.

> For myself and others who are extremely naive Acrobat users, could you 
> post a quick cookbook on how to do this?  

Use CtlP to get to the print driver and select Acrobat PDF. Click on 
Properties and there will be bottom choices for Compression and Fonts. 

In the Compression pane there is a Compatibility choice in the middle left 
and it is probably showing 3.0. The pull down list offers you 2.1. 

In the Fonts pane you are offered a choice on embedding, take the 'All' 
choice if it is not already active. 

On most files w/graphics that you print as PDFs you won't see any difference 
in filesize, but on mixed files there could be a slight increase w/2.1. 

The 'Save As' choice in Exchange offers Optimize on upper right. It is a 
toggle I think, and when set stays until you switch back. I've done a series 
of saves flipping back and forth and found Optimize can shrink filesize and 
at other times increase the filesize. As I recall, the only times it has 
made a big difference has been with 2.1 files.

Optimize might also have something to do with the compression choices you 
select under Properties. I've fiddled with them quite a bit in an effort to 
correct quality problems with embedded bitmaps. The defaults for compression 
save a lot of file space but destroy bitmap resolution, although they handle 
vectors quite well. 

> I don't recall being asked any such thing during installation.

I think it was a pane that come up after installation, triggered by doing 
your first PDF print. 

Hope this helps. 

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