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The T10 Committee is currently working on a project called 'SCSI Socket/SSL
Services (SSS) Command Set'.  We do not yet have a working draft.  You may
wish to call or email the Project Editor for more information:

        Name: Mr. Keith W. Parker
Organization: Diogenes SCSI
    Address1: 10304 N.E. Beech St.
    Address2: Portland, OR 97220
       Phone: (503) 255-1035
       Email: diogenes at

John Lohmeyer, Chair T10 Technical Committee

At 5/6/98 04:56 PM, you wrote: 
>I read some old messages about the TCP/IP
>over SCSI.
>can you please point me to the current discussion/status
>of those efforts.
>    Ilya

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