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Thank you for forwarding the information. This effort was discussed at the
last T11 meeting. As a result we decided to recommend that the
international project regarding the ANS for FC- Link Encapsulation (LE) be
withdrawn in favor of the newer work outlined below.

Gene Milligan

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Subject:  Proposed IETF Working Group

fyi. Jim Carlo
A new IETF working group has been proposed in the Internet Area. The
IESG has not made any determination as yet.
The following Description was submitted, and is provided for
informational purposes:

Description of Working Group:
IP Over Fibre Channel (ipfc)
  Current Status: Proposed Working Group
The importance of running IP and ARP over Fibre Channels has reached a
critical point wherein a standardized approach seems to be the only
solution. Historically over the past few years, there have been a
multitude of attempts and approaches to implementing IP and ARP over
Fibre Channel (FC). This has resulted in islands of implementations
with no interoperability. Several vendors from the Fibre Channel
Association (FCA) have proposed taking this problem to the IETF with
the intent of generating one "standard" specification.
This working group will be responsible for standardizing a
specification that will allow IP and ARP to ride over various Fibre
Channel topologies, which may include point-to-point, Loop, and
The specification will include procedures and protocols for the
broadcast of ARP packets between Fibre Channel devices and an
encapsulation mechanism to carry IP payloads.
1. Specify a Standards Track procedure for broadcasting ARP packets
   and resolving IP to FC MAC address and FC MAC to FC port address
2. Specify a Standards Track encapsulation for carrying IP over FC.

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