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Peter Johansson is correct in his statement of: 

> Since Acrobat Reader 3.0 is available FREE from Adobe's web site and 
> since 3.0 PDF files are *significantly* smaller than 2.1 PDF files 
> (less download time) I strongly encourage a shift to 3.0.

There is no need to go all the way to the Acrobat 3.0 Reader, you can have 
your cake and eat it too if the creation of the PDF is done with 3.0 but 
with the 2.1 backwards compatibility preference set. The PDFs will have a 
similar reduction in size but are readable by 2.1.

Compatibility issues with symbols and fonts across platforms are actually 
fewer with 3.0 saving in 2.1 mode than with 3.0 saving in 3.0 mode. There is 
no formal Adobe explanation as to why this should be true, it just happens 
to turn out that way. 

We've been through the pain of compatibility testing with multiple browsers 
on many platforms and worked closely with Adobe last year trying to resolve 
PDF issues for CD_Access. There have been no complaints about PDFs since we 
went to 3.0 generating 2.1 backwards-compatible files. BTW, whenever we come 
across 3.0-only PDFs on the websites we save them again in Exchange to get 
the 2.1 backwards mode. That is why the date on CD_Access does not always 
agree with the website even though they are the same revision.

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