Queuing and ACA

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>If the queue is full, the proper status response is QUEUE FULL status.

This looked like the correct status, but both SAM-1 and SAM-2 imply that
this is only for use when tagged tasks are implemented, which will not be
the case for me until some of the issues associated with command ordering
are hammered out and stable, e.g. the "command sequence number" that has
been under discussion. So I assumed I should fall back on the more generic
BUSY status.

If QUEUE FULL (or TASK SET FULL) is to be used, the language of this
definition might be broadened a little, since a command queue still needs to
be implemented for different initiator requests, even if tagged tasks are
not implemented. On a large fabric with potentially hundreds of initiators,
this queue may very will fill with untagged tasks.

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