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The latest draft of SBP-2 is available for download from the T10 FTP site,; look in the /drafts/sbp2 directory
for SBP2r03e.pdf.

This draft reflects changes approved by the T10 plenary May 7 in Colorado
Springs and fully resolves all comments lodged against SBP-2 during the T10
letter ballot earlier this year.

At the plenary session, T10 approved a motion to forward SBP-2 Revision 4 to
NCITS for further processing (first public review). Revision 4 will be
essentially identical to Revision 3e EXCEPT that the change bars will be
removed and the document history will be relocated to a separate document.

To permit a final "sanity check" against any unintended errors inserted by the
editor, I will delay the preparation of SBP-2 Revision 4 for a few days.
Interested parties have ten (10) days to comment on any typographical errors
in the latest revision. Absent any such comments and upon the expiration of
this period I will prepare and post SBP-2 Revision 4.


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