SPI-3 Working Group 5/22/98

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Thu May 7 21:22:26 PDT 1998

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T10 has authorized a SPI-3 Working Group to address Fast 80, CRC, QAS, and
other related items. The specific agenda will be sent out by the T10

Seagate is pleased to host this meeting Friday 5/22/98 from 0900 to 1700 at
the O'Hare Hilton Conference Center.

Please note that this hotel is inside the O'Hare Chicago airport and rental
cars are not needed as well as impractical. Lunch will be provided during
the meeting.

A block of 25 rooms has been reserved for meeting attendees. While you are
free to seek other rates or locations (perhaps requiring a rental car and
parking), the block of rooms are being held until the cutoff date 5/15/98.
The blocked room rates are $145 for a single or $165 for a double. Although
the hotel requires a $50 early check out rate (I presume early day not
early hour) this should be only academic with only one night involved.
Check in time is 1500 and check out time is 1200.

Please inform the Hilton when making reservations that you are attending
the SPI Working Group Meeting hosted by Seagate.

The O'Hare Hilton's telephone number is 773-686-8000. Their fax number is

Best regards,

Gene Milligan

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