T10 Reflector spring cleaning

John Lohmeyer lohmeyer at ix.netcom.com
Sat May 2 23:18:51 PDT 1998

* From the T10 (formerly SCSI) Reflector (t10 at symbios.com), posted by:
* John Lohmeyer <lohmeyer at ix.netcom.com>
I have finally gotten around to cleaning up addresses that bounce
consistently on the T10 reflector list.  The following addresses will be

gene.shrock at symbios.com
tsgi at ix.netcom.com
bala at epcot2.rose.hp.com
Reflector.sumahesh at hotmail.com
_DEFAULT at prodigy.net
bonessal at scanet.ico.olivetti.com
erics at abbott.SanDiegoCA.ncr.COM
nayak at chiki.mfg.sgi.com
t-gotoh at tk.usen-net.or.jp
pete_popov at asd.sel.sony.com
rmlewis at inlink.com
blin at fcpc.fujitsu.com
TonyL at oaktech.com
motoyama at rsivax.ricoh.com
ljr at austin.ibm.com
harveys at adicco.wa.com
erikf at adicco.wa.com
mis-lists at zzyzx.com
hi_X_Lin at notes.Seagate.COM
Tim_Ding at notes.Seagate.COM
ddavies at ctsnet.cts.com
allison_parsons at notes.Seagate.COM
worrell at dt.wdc.com

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with your mail delivery, please re-subscribe by sending an email to
majordomo at symbios.com.  The message body should contain only the following

  subscribe t10


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Symbios, Inc.                  Voice: +1-719-533-7560
4420 ArrowsWest Dr.              Fax: +1-719-533-7036
Colo Spgs, CO 80907              BBS: +1-719-533-7950

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