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I sent the following to the reflector a while back but apparently it go=
sent to the bit bucket due to the attachments. So I have deleted the
attachments. You will find what was attached for T10 review on the T10 =
or web site under 1998 documents. Specifically 98-151r0.doc. The docume=
is actually at some unknown, to me, revision. This item is on the T10
agenda without the document number.


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From:     Gene Milligan
Date:     04/27/98 01:27:18 PM
Subject:  Re: SCSI OMC RD/WR draft

Excuse the attachment to my response. I am using this response to forwa=
your draft to the T10 Reflector to facilitate technical comments from T=

Yes I am familiar with golden week and wish you all the best during thi=
important time.

I look forward to meeting you in the shadow of the Tokyo TV tower. I ho=
then to learn what "rhetoric" you were referring to in your message bel=
This word has at least five meanings four of which are complimentary.
Therefore I have at least an 80% probability of being pleased by the

Best regards,

Gene Milligan

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Subject:  SCSI OMC RD/WR draft

Dear Mr. Milligan,

I am writing this mail to send the latest version of SCSI
Optical Memory Card Reader/Writer standard deliberated in
Japanese SC25/WG4/SG2 Ad hoc (OMC Ad hoc).
I will attach a PDF file and a file written by Word6/95.
They are same contents.

I prepared this draft just to summarize the agreements
till the latest OMC Ad hoc meeting.  This draft itself
is not yet discussed in the OMC Ad hoc.  There may be
some changes.

Our draft is written in section 19 of ISO/IEC 9316 as
a temporary prescription as I mentioned before.  I would
like to consult OMC RD/WR standard to be conformity with
whether SCSI-2 or SCSI-3 at the meeting held in May.
This time we would like to ask your help on your comment
focused on technical aspect by T10 rather than focused on
rhetoric.  It is greatly appreciated if we could have
written comment to understand precisely.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the meeting and
I also would like to ask your continuous advice for us.

Best regards,

Hideki HOSOYA.

We Japan has long holiday from April 29 to May 5, we call it
 "golden week", and most of companies are closed at the time.
Please remind you we may not have any contacts in this period.
For me, I cannot contact with you from April 26 to May 10
because of my business trip to North America.

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