Fast 80 Proposal 5/4/98

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Fri May 1 11:42:02 PDT 1998

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We would like to have initial drafts of the Fast 80 definitions worked on
by T10 as a part of the SPI-3 project. Towards that end I am requesting
that an Agenda Item be added for the SPI-3 Working Group Monday 4 May to
discuss our Fast 80 proposal.

Engineers from the Seagate SCSI silicon group will be available for
discussion of the Fast 80 proposal(s).

I don't know if I will have an opportunity to upload the proposal file
prior to the working group (my desk top registry files have become self
destructive and I am operating on a loaner system that is very stable but
without sundry tools and files). But I would appreciate it if you could
provide a document number in case I am able to upload before the meeting.
Let me know if you would prefer two files and two document numbers (Fast 80
presentation and Fast 80 SPI-3 Change Pages) or just one for the

If the group wishes to pursue work on Fast 80 after the May T10 meeting but
before the July T10 meeting I would be able and glad to host a SWIG meeting
on May 22 (reservations have been made) at an easy location which for most
if not all attendees would be just one hop away.


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