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If you are involved in multimedia see the message from the TC 100 TAG
secretariat which follows:

TAG membership
Mr. Nier mentioned that, at the last international meeting in Makuhari,
Japan, most of the other countries in attendance had their multimedia
industries well represented, and suggested a need for the TAG to engage
in outreach activities with a view to recruiting other groups into the
activities of IEC TC100 in the US.  Mr. Nier further indicated that the
lack of a broad industry representation in the activities of IEC TC100 in
the US is indicative of the lack of a US centralized multimedia industry.
 Mr. George Hanover (CEMA) added that, at one time, CEMA had tried to
introduce a Multimedia Standards Group but received little interest from
the industry.
ACTION:  TAG Administrator to contact the entire TAG via e-mail
requesting a) feedback concerning groups that might profit from joining
the US TAG to IEC TC100, and b) names of administrators of those groups.
...extract ends.
In accordance with the action item established at last week's IEC TC100
US TAG meeting, please let me know if there are any groups /
organizations / companies / individuals in the USA that could be
approached with a view to joining the US TAG to IEC TC100:  Audio, Video
and Multimedia Systems and Equipment.
If you would like any further infromation as to the scope and projects of
IEC TC100, they can be found on the IEC website (  From the
home page, choose the following links:
<Document and Resource area>
<Technical Committee Dashboard>
Enter "100" in the box provided to get access to general information
(scope, officers) and the work programme of IEC TC100.
This area of the IEC web site is NOT password protected.
If you know of any organization / group / company / individual that would
be interested in the activities of IEC TC100 I would kindly request that
you pass on this message and ask that they contact me.
Henry Cuschieri
Manager, International Standards
Electronic Industries Association
2500 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22201
Tel: 703 907 7584
Fax: 703 907 7501
E-mail: hcuschieri at

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