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                                        Doc:      T10/97-130r0
                                        Date:     February 26, 1997
                                        Project:  X3T10.1/1146D
                                        Ref Doc.: SSA-PH2 rev 4
                                        Reply to: John Scheible
To:      T10 Membership
From:    John Scheible
Subject: Letter ballot comment resolution on SSA-PH2 rev 4


This proposal documents the responses to the T10 letter ballot comments for SSA-PH2 rev 4 as approved by
T10.1 during its February 26, 1997 plenary meeting.

Ballot totals:
 44  Yes
  1  No
  0  Abstain
  1  Organization(s) did not vote
 46  Total voting organizations
  3  Ballot(s) included comments
This 2/3rds majority ballot passed.

Comments attached to YesC ballot from John P. Scheible of IBM Corp.:

IBM-1) Change header from "X3T10.1 / 1146D rev 3a" to "X3T10.1 / 1146D rev 4"

RESPONSE: Accept as written

IBM-2) 4: Add "In case of conflict, figures take precedence over tables and both figures and tables take
precedence over text."

RESPONSE: Accept as written

Comments attached to No ballot from Edward A. Gardner of Ophidian Designs:

OPH-1) It appears, from the ballot, that VLSI's negative vote remains unresolved. I would like to see a
response from X3T10.1 on VLSI's comment before approving this.  If X3T10.1 has already responded
to VLSI's comment, please refer me to the relevant document and I will amend my vote.

RESPONSE: VLSI's response only concerned SSA-TL2 related to adding a Unique ID to the Link Reset frame,
and does not impact SSA-PH2.  See SSA-TL2 comments for resolution (a note has been added).

Comments attached to YesC ballot from Gene Milligan of Seagate Technology:

SEA-1) The file I downloaded was defective and I could not review the document.  Please check the draft to
see if it has the same type of problems as outlined in the other SSA drafts.

RESPONSE: The document was in the X3T10 9606 mailing and as been verified as good.  The single "must"
is removed in Annex K paragraph 2 by removing the word "must".  The two occurrences of "can" are
removed by removing both occurrences of "it can be seen that".  See the comment resolution for either SSA-
TL2 or SSA-S3P for resolution of your other concerns.

Web page access

X3T10.1 is planning web sites to disseminate information regarding the implementation of the standard.  The
following changes will be made:

1) Add the following to the end of clause 2.2
Further information regarding the implementation of this standard may be available at or

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