Fw: 96-277r1 - Proposed Change in QErr for SPC-2

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<<Given recent reflector traffic, today I would vote for QErr=00 being
mandatory, with support for other QErr values being optional.  Doing nothing
has to be simpler than aborting any or all commands (after all, it's the same
action as when a command completes normally).  Single host systems can always
issue a TARGET RESET.  And it seems to be the preference of multi-host

I've extracted only this portion because I agree with the rest of what Ed has

This one paragraph stands in opposition, though. If I understand such things
correctly, QErr == 00b mandatory would REQUIRE that Basic queuing targets
permit initiators to set QErr to this value. This is not OK. SBP-2 was
designed to support and implement the Basic queuing model. SBP-2 devices
can't, don't or won't (pick your favorite verb) QErr == 00b. Basic queuing
was also intended to restrict optionality.

I am still in support of QErr == 01b (only the faulted initiator's task set
is aborted) as a mandatory requirement for Basic queuing.

Incidentally, Ed, a very sincere "THANKS!" for doing all that research into
our archives.


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