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The SCSI spec (SCSI-2 and SCSI-3) seems to be a little vague on when the 
discovery of an "incorrect initiator connection" should be reported.  For 
example, when a duplicate tag is received by a target is there any 
requirement that the CHECK CONDITION status)overlapped commands attempted) 
be sent before accepting another request from the initiator which sent the 
duplicate tag.  
In SCSI-2, there is a note that "some targets may not detect and incorrect 
initiator connection until after the CDB has be received" from which one 
might think  that a target should return the Check Condition status prior to 
accepting the next command.

If it is legal to accept the next command from that initiator before 
returning the Check condition status , should only the I/Os received before 
the one with the duplicate tag be aborted?  


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