SBP-2: page_size field when p=1

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First off, because SBP-2 is an approved T10 project please use the T10
reflector as the principal reflector for all communications; copy additional
reflectors as you wish. When action has to be taken at the T10 plenary,
sometimes it can be easier to explain and acquire the necessary support if
all the T10 participants are familiar with the issue(s).

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Stephen_Finch/SSI1.SSI1 at (Stephen Finch/SSI1) writes:

<<"If the page_table_present bit is zero, page_size shall specify the
 underlying page size of the data buffer memory directly addressed by the
data_descriptor field. A page_size value of zero indicates that the
underlying page size is not specified. When page_table_present is one,
page_size shall specify the page size of elements described by the page
table. In both cases, if page_size is nonzero the page size is calculated as
2 page_size+8 bytes.">>

Steve, is it a question of what is an "element" that is confusing. I know
what the intent is: an entry in the page table points to a scatter/gather
element, a contiguous chunk of memory whose size is 2 ** (page_size + 8)
bytes. I don't have SBP-2 open in front of me, so I don't know if "element"
is well defined.


Peter Johansson

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