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In preparation of Revision 2a of SBP-2 for this week's meeting, I'd like to
see that the following are on our agenda:

 * Speed encoding in the plug control registers (PCR's) The current two bits
are inadequate. We could a) grab some of the reserved bits to encode the
faster speeds, b) use speed code 3 to indicate that "the speed is in excess
of S400 but that the exact speed cannot be determined from the PCR" or c) hit
upon some other approach. The only problem I could anticipate with a) is that
it may (or not...) create interoperability problems with existing consumer
electronic equipment that conforms to draft standard IEC-1883.

 * A discussion of how (if at all) an SBP-2 target resynchronizes its
position in a playback data stream from the medium if a read error occurs.

 * A discussion of how an SBP-2 target is expected to faithfully synchronize
playback data with the live CYCLE START packets if there are gaps in the
recorded sequence of CYCLE START packets. My preference is for the SBP-2
target to have synthesized CYCLE START packets at recording time. This
discussion has implications for OpenHCI.....

* A discussion of the details of error recovery after bus reset for the
"isochronous" task set. I think we all have an idea how this should work, but
we need to do the nitty-gritty.

 * What is the best way to express the target's needs to have "look ahead"
ORB's adequate to guarantee smooth isochronous data flow to or from the
medium? My notes from the last isochronous working group in San Jose indicate
that min_transfer_length is not necessary, but that a minimum time limit of
N.N seconds worth of data in the stream command ORB queue would be better.
I'd like to discuss this more before changin the SBP-2 draft.


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