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Peter Johansson said several things about SBP and SBP-2 that I agree with   
|from a practical point of view, but which are not entirely accurate:

>It's my understanding that SBP-2 does supercede SBP, just as SCSI-2
>superceded SCSI.

As things are now, the SBP-2 (project 1155-D) does not automatically   
supercede SBP (X3.268-199x, project 0992-D).  That is, ANSI will continue   
to sell SBP after SBP-2 is approved.  Also, SBP-2 will not have the same   
standards designation number (it will be X3.3__ instead of X3.268).  In   
the case of SCSI-1 and SCSI-2, both were X3.131 with different years   
(1986 and 1994, respectively).

We could request that the SBP-2 project be changed into a revision   
project so that SBP-2 would automatically supercede SBP, but I do not   
think this is a good idea.  SBP-2 does not have the same scope as SBP   
(SBP-2 omits the SCSI command set mapping that is now in the STS   
project).  Instead, I recommend that once both SBP-2 and STS are   
approved, T10 consider recommending that SBP be withdrawn.

>SBP is, I believe, an approved ANSI

Almost.  The ANSI Board of Standards Review (BSR) approval is expected   
this month.

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