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>      Generic Questions:
>      Is anyone implementing SCSI configured automatically (SCAM)?
>      Are there any shipping SCAM targets?
>      Are there any Host Bus Adapters for the PC that implement 
>      the functions of a SCAM initiator?
>      Specific Question:
>      If there are implementations, can anyone recommendation 
>      HBA's or test systems to test SCAM?   I'd appreciate an 

Here's my humble observation.

There ARE some target devices shipping that supports SCAM
(some Quantum and Seagate drives).
Lots of host adaptor shipped today comes with SCAM utility.
ANCOT's SCSI tester supports SCAM.

The only reason that SCAM is not widely used is that none
of the Operating Systems out there supports SCAM.
(like, how do you figure out which one is your boot drive
if you don't know its ID?)

For your specific question, as I said above, there is a tester
you can buy to perform/monitor SCAM.

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