FW: Unspecified things in SBP-2 rev. 2

John Nels Fuller jfuller at microsoft.com
Wed Feb 5 09:14:07 PST 1997

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I should have copied this reflector on this as well.

>From: 	John Nels Fuller
>Sent: 	Wednesday, February 05, 1997 12:17 AM
>To: 	'DiskBoys'
>Subject: 	Unspecified things in SBP-2 rev. 2
>After all our long hard work on SBP-2 I have discovered a couple of
>omissions in SBP-2 that I think should be addressed:
>1.	TARGET_RESET does not specify whether it affects only the logical
>unit indicated by login_id or all logical units associated with the
>MANAGEMENT_AGENT register.  This really should be made clear.  I prefer
>that it only affect a single logical unit, but I am willing to admit
>that there are good arguments for having it affect all logical units for
>the MANAGEMENT_AGENT.  In either case, it must be specified so that we
>can know what it is we are doing.
>2.	The descriptions of both the MANAGEMENT_AGENT register and the
>ORB_POINTER register explicitly say that they must support an 8-byte
>block write, but the figures imply that they should also support an
>8-byte block read.  We should state this explicitly.  If we should need
>to read these registers (which is more likely for ORB_POINTER) then
>using a block read would at least give us a single consistent pointer
>instead of half old and half new.
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