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Mike Fitzpatrick Mike_Fitzpatrick at notes.seagate.com
Sat Feb 1 23:28:05 PST 1997

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* Mike Fitzpatrick <Mike_Fitzpatrick at notes.seagate.com>
I am trying to collect information about all Fibre Channel related products 
that will be coming out during 1997.  Below is a list of some of the categories 
and companies that have FC related products that are either shipping are will 
be shipping soon.  

To this end, I am asking each of you to look at the list below and  if you 
products are not listed below then please contact me directly with the 
appropriate information.

Basically what I am looking for is the type of product, the category that it 
would fall under, a contact name, a contact number and approximately date of 

Collectively, this information is important to convince several potential 
users/customers of Fibre Channel, that FC represents a complete infrastructure.

I can be reached at:

Phone   (405) 324-3478
FAX      (405) 324-3794
EMail    Mike_Fitzpatrick @ notes.seagate.com

Remember, please send the information directly to me and not out on the 


Mike Fitzpatrick
Chairman, Fibre Channel Loop Community

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