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Some inquiries have come my way about the NCITS CD_Access 
offering, and how it differs from the CD.  
T10 members are familiar with the CD, but for you T11 members, it 
is a CD of what T11 has been receiving in paper form only, and it 
 - Minutes of the meeting week (working groups and plenary)  
 - Drafts distributed during the week  
 - Proposals distributed during the week 
CD_Access is much more than the mailing, it contains proposals 
and email of the past year and the current year plus all the 
committee's standards. Your favorite web browser and Acrobat are 
all you need to find the draft, proposal or email you are 
interested in. 
 - Minutes of all the meeting weeks for the last year and through  
   this year  
 - The latest rev of all the drafts that are in active projects  
 - The latest rev of all the drafts that are published standards  
 - The drafts are organized by category e.g. Protocols, within  
   each interface. 
 - Copies of all proposals distributed last year and through this  
   year (*). The proposals are organized in two ways: 
     - by document number and subject  
     - by mailing and subject 
 - Copies of all reflector traffic for last year and through this  
   year. The email is organized in two ways:  
     - by date and subject 
     - by author and subject 
 - Acrobat Catalog to all of the above  
(*) Because T11 had only limited material in electronic form in  
    1997, the only working group with all its proposals is FCW.  
You can find further information at but 
ignore all the pricing information. The web site has not been 
updated since reaching the agreement with NCITS, and it will 
remain down level until I return from vacation down under (Sydney 
is in the high 70's, it has been in the high 80's most of the 
time - next stop is the Sunshine Coast in Queensland to lay 
around the beach for a while).  
For those of you who have already visited the web site and become 
confused, there will be no SSE edition. The HPE edition which 
combines T10, T11 and SFF comes out monthly next year and is not 
offered by NCITS (NCITS gets the royalty no matter where you sign 
up for CD_Access).  
If you want pricing on HPE, have an interest in a site license to 
put CD_Access on a server, or want references from existing 
users, just send me an email.  
Merry Christmas to all and I'll see you in the New Year.  

Work seems so far away.... 
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