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While T10 needs a rather minimalist document retention policy for legal
reasons (proposal below), it is my intention to continue business as usual.
I'll still be putting T10 documents on the web site and keeping them there
as long as the RAID system and backup systems work.


Proposed T10 Document Retention Policy                     T10/98-107 R0

Accredited Standards Committee*
National Committee for Information Technology Standards (NCITS)

                                               Doc. No.: T10/98-107 R0
                                                   Date: December 11, 1997
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To:         T10 Membership
From:       John Lohmeyer, Chair T10 Technical Committee
Subject:    Proposed T10 Document Retention Policy

Officially, NCITS no longer archives documents for its Technical Committees.
This was done because the NCITS Secretariat does not have the resources to
insure that they have 100% of the TC's documents.  The NCITS Secretariat has
requested that each TC develop a document retention policy.  Accordingly, I
propose that T10 adopt the following as its document retention policy:

"The officers of the T10 Technical Committee prepare a T10 mailing following
each T10 plenary meeting.  These mailings take the form of a collection of
files (the NCITS Secretariat subsequently distributes these files to
subscribers on various media).  Minimally, the T10 mailings shall include
meeting announcements, draft agendas, and meeting minutes.  Additionally, on a
best-effort basis, the officers will include proposals submitted to T10 and
working drafts prepared by T10 editors.

Anyone may subscribe to the T10 mailings for a nominal fee.  However, T10 does
not guarantee that it will retain these mailings."

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