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First let me describe in more detail what the document for the project 
would contain.

1. SBP-2 contains a number of optional features and functions. This 
document will describe which of these are required for each device type.

2. SCSI commands are described in a multitude of documents, e.g., SPC, 
SBC, MMC, etc. This document will describe which commands from which 
command document are required for each device type and such things as 
which mode pages supported.

3. Since the 1394 bus may be attached to a settop box or other attachment 
to the outside world, it is felt that certain device types need a method 
of "secure login" to prevent someone on the outside from accessing your 
data. This document will describe the algorithms for secure login.

4. SBP-2 defines requirements for certain registers and configuration ROM 
fields. This document will specify the exact content for each device type.

Now, is it a standard or a profile? In either case its a development 
project (Different kinds of white?). It is intended to be normative. Does 
that make a difference? 

If the issue is simply the name, no one at the meetings is particularly 
attached to the title, no one could come up with a better one. I don't 
think anyone cares what it's called as long as the resulting document is 

Regards, Pete
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