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As many of you may remember, I put forth a project proposal called "1394 
Device Command Standard" (T10/97-162r1) at the March meeting. There were a 
great many questions as to why it was needed in view of the STS (1240D) 
project. The SBP-2 working group has addressed this issue and come to the 
following conclusions.
1. The bulk of the content of STS was device type independent. It was 
concluded therefore that this material should in fact be an annex to the 
SBP-2 (1155D) document and Peter Johansson will present the material to be 
added at the Nashua plenary.
2. The STS project should be revised to address the device type dependent 
requirements that were largely addressed in the 97-162r1 proposal but not 
addressed in the original STS proposal.
The proposed revised project proposal (97-162r2) for the 1240D project  
Regards, Pete McLean
Development of a standard to define the specific commands and protocols 
for devices attached to the IEEE 1394-1995 bus.
1.1 Title:   SBP-2 Device Attachment
1.2 Proposer:  T10
1.3 Date Submitted: 9/11/97
1.4 Project Type:  D
2. Justification of Proposed Standard
2.1 Needs
Within the Personal Computer industry, work has begun to attach devices 
such as hard disk drives, CD-
ROMs, DVD, etc. via the IEEE 1394-1995 bus. Such devices utilize the 
Serial Bus Protocol-2 (SBP-2) 
transport protocol currently under development in T10, and commands 
defined by command set standards 
developed in or currently under development in T10. The 1394 Device 
Command Standard allows devices 
to be utilized in an industry standard manner on the 1394-1995 bus.
2.2 Recommended Scope of Standard
This standard will define for a variety of devices, e.g., hard disk, 
CD-ROM, DVD, etc.:
	- the subset of the SBP-2 protocol to be utilized;
	- the commands to be utilized by a variety of device types;
	- the device operation;
	- the security requirements;
	- the configuration ROM and CSR requirements;
2.3 Existing Practice in Area of Proposed Standard
No standard exists today defining attachment protocol and command usage 
for devices on IEEE 1394-1995.
2.4 Expected Stability of Proposed Standard with Respect to Current and 
Potential Technological Advance
The useful life of the proposed standard is expected to be at least five 
3. Description of Proposed Project
3.1 Type of Document:  Standard
3.2 Definitions of Concepts and Special Terms: None.
3.3 Expected Relationship with Approved NCITS Reference Models (e.g., 
The standard addresses closed systems and has no relationship to NCITS 
Reference Models.
3.4 Recommended Program of Work
Develop a set of goals for the standard; solicit additional participants 
for the development of the standard; 
solicit technical contributions for the standard; review the contributions 
for compatibility with the family of 
T10 standards and for logical expansions to those standards; format the 
standard in accordance with NCITS 
requirements; and forward the resultant standard to NCITS for further 
3.5 Resources - Individuals and Organizations Competent in Subject Matter
T10 presently includes membership with the necessary technical expertise 
to complete the standard. 
However additional participation will be solicited to broaden the 
representation for the standard.
3.6 Recommended NCITS Development Technical Committee:  T10
3.7 Anticipated Frequency and Duration of Meetings
T10 presently meets bimonthly and authorizes ad hoc meetings as warranted 
for the needs of the projects. It 
is anticipated that these meetings are adequate to address this project as 
one of the agenda items for these 
3.8 Target Date for Initial Public Review (Milestone 4) :  May 1999
3.9 Estimated Useful Life of Standard
It is estimated that the useful life of the standard will be at least five 
4. Implementation Impacts
4.1 Impact on Existing User Practices and Investments
Since no 1394 products exist today utilizing SBP-2 but plans are underway 
to develop such products, timely 
development of this standard will ensure quick adoption and conformity 
within the industry. Without this 
standard incompatibilities will soon exist.
4.2 Impact on Supplier Products and Support
See 4.1.
4.3 Techniques and Costs for Conformity Assessment
It is intended that the standard will provide an unambiguous definition of 
the protocols so that suppliers, 
users, and others can readily determine product conformance.
4.4 Legal Considerations
No additional items are known beyond those required for IEEE 1394-1995, 
but regular calls for patents will 
be made.
5. Closely Related Standards Activities
5.1 Existing Standards
	- IEEE 1394-1995
	- ISO/IEC 13213:1994
5.2 NCITS Standards Development Projects
	- SPC-2 (T10/1236D)
	- SBP-2 (T10/1155D)
	- MMC-2 (T10/1228D)
5.3 NCITS Study Groups:  None
5.4 Other Related Domestic Standards Efforts:
	- IEEE P1394A
	- IEEE P1394B
5.5 ISO/IEC JTC 1 Standards Development Projects:  None
5.6 Other Related International Standards Development Projects:  None
5.7 Recommendations for Coordinating Liaison:  None
5.8 Recommendations for Close Liaison
	- IEEE P1394A
	- IEEE P1394B
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