SCSI-3 FCP ACA/QErr abort process

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Subject: Re: SCSI-3 FCP ACA/QErr abort process  
Regarding your description of "noisy aborts" for overlapped untagged commands. 
The reason overlapped untagged commands need to be aborted is that there is no 
reliable method for reporting status on more than one untagged command since 
the status can not be associated with a specific command. The exception to this 
is aborting the command generating the overlapped condition in parallel SCSI by 
providing the status before disconnecting the faulting command. Are untagged 
commands used with FCP?
At any rate the rule regarding tagged commands aborted by an CA or ACA 
condition is "All the blocked tasks in the task set shall be aborted when the 
COMMAND TERMINATED or CHECK CONDITION status is sent.  A unit attention 
condition (see SAM) shall be generated for each initiator that had blocked 
tasks aborted except for the initiator to which the COMMAND TERMINATED or CHECK 
CONDITION status was sent.  The device server shall set the additional sense 
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