A Question For You...

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Illiterate Mike,

I do not appreciate your message and have reported your behavior to
abuse at aol.com and have asked them to stop your actions.  This is not
welcomed behavior on the e-mail.

Gretchen R. Davis

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>Subject:	A Question For You...
>Hi my name is Mike Corvese.I want to ask you a question.Do you wasnt to make
>a lot of money?and fast?well i can help.With my Marketing Program you can do
>just that.I won't send you the program unless you E-mail me back saying that
>you want a copy of the program.don't you worry,you won't get any more E-mails
>from me, unless you reply back to me saying you want a copy.If i don't get an
> E-maili won't send you nothing.you are automaticly taken off this list.It is
>a very simple program.Please don't let this oppertunity pass you by.e-mail me
>Mike COrvese
>Hapystick at aol.com
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