SAF-TE drive probe question.

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Thu Aug 14 12:08:07 PDT 1997

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Reading the SAF-TE spec iam getting confused if we need to do the following.

the PERFORM SLOT OPERATION comand 0x12h, bit 0 byte 2 of the write 
buffer data mentions 

Prepare for Operation Flag: This flag indicates that the SEP device should 
take action required to make the device in this slot available on the
SCSI bus.

so when we perform a poweron probe, only the SEP device will show up, and 
no attached disks will respond to SCSI commands? if this is true
then after we do a READ ENCLOSURE CONFIG->READ SLOT STATUS, determine
if a drive is there, then do PERFORM SLOT OPERATION, before we start the
drive probe?

Many thanks in advance


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