SPI-2 Editing Meeting August 27, 1997

Gene Milligan Gene_Milligan at notes.seagate.com
Wed Aug 13 10:53:29 PDT 1997

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Well I certainly said I would but I wont. I guess I should have had a broader 
distribution on the message below. But I didn't want to stir up confusion about 
the date at least until I had tested the water. So don't be confused:

cc: ljlamers at ix.netcom.com@ INTERNET, ham at subsys.enet.dec.com @ INTERNET, 
aloisi at unitrode.com@internet, roweber at acm.org@internet 
From: Gene Milligan
Date: 08/11/97 05:36:03 PM
Subject: Can't make SPI-2 Editors Meeting 8/27

My plans have been changed for me. I can no longer make the 8/27 Telecon. 
Sorry. If changes are possible I am available either 8/25 or 8/29.

Let me know what the distribution list is and I will send the distribution list 
any editorial comments.

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