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September in New Hampshire can still show a strong taste of summer, if=20
we have southern flow, both temperature and Humidity (90's). We there=20
is a Canadian flow the air will be dry and cool, frost is not out of=20
the question in the early morning. Just the wet valleys or far north=20
will start to show the Fall color, prime foilage is about a month=20

The Atlantic Ocean is about an hour away from the Crowne Plaza, with=20
beaches in NH and Maine. Kittery Maine outlet stores are just over an=20
hour away.

Lake Winnipesauke is about one hour north.

(Climbing Granite peaks)
A short Hike just over an hour away go west on 101A to 101 to Dublin,=20
NH and follow the signs for Mt Monadnock State Park.

 The best one day hike in NH is about 2 hours north on 3 which=20
combines with 93 to Franconica Notch. Trail head parking is just past=20
the Flume, climb Little Haystack, then go north over Lincoln and=20
Lafayette (requires about 8 hours of hiking), but you spend over an=20
hour above the tree line.
Franconia Notch has the Flume, Bason and Cannon Mountain Tram.

A drive through the mountains:
Drive north on 3 which combines with 93, go north to the Kancamagus=20
Highway, about 2 hours. The Kancamagus Highway has several waterfalls,=20
it is common to see Moose in the low area.  Turn North on Bear Notch=20
rd, if you want to avoid the tourest area and shops or continue to=20
Bear notch rd leads to 302, North west will go through an area with=20
cascades and water falls. Arethusa Falls is a short walk, but one of=20
the best waterfalls in NH. 302 connects to 93 and take 93 south=20
through Fanconica Notch to Everette Turnpike (Rt 3) back to the Crowne=20
Conway, take 16 north to 302 which leads to 93.

Rt 16 north above 302 leads to Pinkingham Notch and the Mount=20
Washington area.
Mt Washington is the highest peak in the North east, with the highest=20
wind speeds ever recorded. There is an auto road to top or from the=20
302 side a cog rail.

Anheuser-Bush  Tour - Merrimack NH

For the Kids:
Story Land at the Junction of 16 and 302
Canobie Lake Park (Amusement park) Salem NH

Restaurants: (a few recommendations)
 Country Tavern - Rt101A about a mile west from the Crowne Plaza
 Greenhouse Caf=E9 - Rt101A about 3 miles west of the Crowne Plaza
Hannah Jack's - Rt 3 north 2 exits (Exit 11) Turn right, and left=20
before the light
Country Gourmet - Rt 3 north 2 exits (Exit 11) Turn right, and left at=20
the light, about 2 miles north.
Newick's Seafood - Rt 3 north 3 exits Turn right and left at the=20
light, about 1 mile
Silo Steakhouse - Rt 3 north 3 exits Turn right and left at the light,=20
about 1/4 mile
Lunch- Cheese Billy Bristo & Bakery - Daniel Webster Highway -=20
Breakfast - Bickford's East 101A before second light (across the road=20
at the far end of the shopping plaza in

Walking distance: Applebees, Ground round, Bertucci's Pizza,=20
Bickford's, Newbridge, Kahala

Kinko's is west on 101A about a mile from the Crowne Plaza

(Note: 101A is Amherst St)

Shopping - Local - No Sales tax in NH
South on Rt 3 to Exit 1 - Pheasant Lane Mall and surrounding area
	Royal ridge Mall - CompUSA just off exit 1 for computer needs
	Computer city - on the way to the Pheasant lane Mall

Concord, MA - Bridge where the first shot of the revolution was fired
Boston - Freedom trail, which includes Paul Revere's house and the old=20
north church where the lanterns were hung.
Boston - Old Ironsides the first US battle ship is 200 years old.
Plymouth Plantation, Plymouth, MA about 2 =BD hours away.
Sturbridge Villiage, Sturbridge, MA about 2 hours away

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