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Subject: Call for Comments on OMG PAS Su


Ed Kelly - chair:  SC25 US TAG
Ken Wacks - chair:  SC25/WG1 US TAG
John Siemon - chair:  SC25/WG3 US TAG
Gene Milligan - chair:  SC25/WG4 US TAG

The e-mail attached below was sent to all JTC1 SC and WG TAG chairs and 
administrators on 7/10/97 and concerns the application from the Object 
Management Group for recognition as a submitter of publicly available 
specifications.  As requested in the notification from the JTC1 TAG 
administrator, if you would like me to notify your particular committee 
that the pertinent information is available on the JTC1 TAG website 
please let me know and I will be happy to do so via e-mail.


Henry Cuschieri
Manager, International Standards
Electronic Industries Association
2500 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, Virginia 22201
Telephone: +1 703 907 7584
Telefax; +1 703 907 7501
E-mail: hcuschieri at


JTC 1 TAG Members
SC and WG TAG Chairs and Administrators 

A call for comments on JTC 1 N 4801 - Application from the Object 
Group (OMG) for Recognition as a Submitter of Publicly Available
Specifications is posted to the JTC 1 TAG web site 
The comment period closes August 13, 1997.

SC and WG TAG Chairs/Administrators are asked to point their committee 
the JTC 1 TAG web site.

The call for comments on JTC 1 N 4801 will also be distributed in the 
July 25
JTC 1 TAG/NCITS mailing.

Best regards -
Jennifer Garner
Jennifer T. Garner, JTC 1 TAG Administrator
Tel: (202) 626-5737; Fax: (202) 638-4922
Email: jgarner at; Web Site:

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