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There was some confusion about the day of the FC Hub Profile meeting
(Tuesday evening) and about how long the FCW meeting runs on Monday.  The
latest meeting map (and hotel information) for the May T10 week are as

                              May `97 Meeting Map
                               (4/2/97 Version)

Monday 5/5     8   9   10  11  12  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
                   | SPI-2 Working Group                       |      (20)
                   | SBP-2 Working Group           |                  (25)
                   | Fibre Channel WG                          |      (40)

Tuesday 5/6        9   10  11  12  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
                   | SCSI-3 WG  (EPI topics are Tuesday am)    |      (40)
                   | MMC WG                            |              (20)
                   | SCC-2 WG      |                                  (10)
  FC Hub Moved >>> | SBP-2 Working Group           |FC Hub Profile |  (25)
  from Monday      +===============+===============+---------------+
                   |Fibre Channel WG|                                 (40)

Wednesday 5/7      9   10  11  12  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
                   | SCSI-3 WG                         |              (40)
                   | MMC Working Group                 |              (20)
                                   | SFF SSWGs     | SFF   |          (40)

Thursday 5/8   8   9   10  11  12  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8
                                   | T10 Plenary Meeting       |      (70)
                   | SSC/SMC WG    |                                  (15)
                   | STA Tech      |                                  (25)

Friday 5/9     8   9   10  11  12  1   2   3   4   5
                 | SCSI Trade Association (STA)    |                  (30)

    Meetings marked with == are T10-authorized meetings.
    Meetings marked with -- are authorized by other groups and may change
    without notice.

Meeting Map Abbreviation Key:
Amnd:       Amendment
CAM:        Common Access Method
CAM-3:      Next generation CAM for SCSI-3
Diskboys:   Industry group studying disk attachment via IEEE 1394
EPI:        SCSI Enhanced Parallel Interface (Technical Report)
Fast-20:    Data Transfer at 20 Mega-transfers/second (a.k.a., Ultra)
Fast-40:    Data Transfer at 40 Mega-transfers/second (a.k.a., Ultra2)
FC:         Fibre Channel
FC-AL:      Fibre Channel - Arbitrated Loop (a T11 project)
FCLC:       Fibre Channel Loop Community (not an NCITS activity)
I/F:        Interface
HAP:        High Availability Profile (Technical Report)
LB:         Letter Ballot
MMC:        SCSI-3 Multimedia Commands (CD-ROM)
PH:         Physical (Connectors, Cables, Transceivers, etc.)
Plenary:    Full Committee Meeting
RAB:        RAID Advisory Board (not an NCITS activity)
RAID:       Redundant Array of Independent Devices
SBC:        SCSI-3 Block Commands
SBP:        SCSI-3 Serial Bus Protocol
SBP-2:      Serial Bus Protocol for IEEE 1394 (2nd generation)
SCC:        SCSI-3 Controller Commands (RAID)
SCSI:       Small Computer System Interface
SES:        SCSI Enclosure Services
SPC:        SCSI-3 Primary Commands
STA:        SCSI Trade Association (not an NCITS activity)
STA Tech:   STA Technical Meeting (T10 members invited)
STS:        SCSI Transport via SBP-2
SFF:        SFF Industry Group (not an NCITS activity)
SG:         Study Group
SMC:        SCSI-3 Medium Changer Commands
SPI-2:      Second Generation SCSI-3 Parallel Interface
SSA:        Serial Storage Interface
SSC:        SCSI-3 Stream Commands (includes Tape)
SSWGs:      Specific-Subject Working Groups
T10:        Lower Level Interfaces Technical Committee
T10.1:      SSA Task Group of T10
VHDCI       Very High Density Cabled Interconnect
WG:         Working Group (same as Ad Hoc Group)

                      Meeting Announcement
             Accredited Standards Committee Meetings
                        (T10 and Friends)

                         MAY 5-9, 1997

HOSTED BY:     Digital Equipment Corp.

LOCATION:      Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza
               1360 Worcester Road
               Natick, MA 01760
               Phone: 508-653-8800
               Fax:   508-653-1708

ROOM RATE:     $125/night including tax


CUT-OFF DATE:  April 14, 1997

DRIVING DIRECTIONS: (From Boston's Logan Airport)

As you exit from Logan Airport, you want to turn left (South on 
1A) and go through the Sumner Tunnel ($1 toll).

Note: Do not attempt to use the Ted Williams tunnel, which is 
only open to commercial traffic.

If traffic is light, the electric sign will direct you to turn 
left (South on 1A) directly towards the Sumner Tunnel. If traffic 
is heavy, the electric sign and state police will require you to 
take the "alternate route", that is, turn right, North on 1A, 
away from the tunnel. Get off at the first exit and keep to the 
left down the exit ramp. At the bottom of the ramp make a U-turn 
and get back on 1A, heading South and towards the tunnel. Try to 
develop a sense of patience.

You should be in the left lane going into and through the Sumner 
tunnel. Upon exiting the Sumner Tunnel, turn sharp right onto a 
surface street; do not turn broad right and go up the highway 
entrance ramp (which leads to I-93 north). There are signs 
marking these turns but you won't have time to both read them and 
cope with the traffic. After the sharp right onto a surface 
street, drive perhaps 100 yards, staying in the left lane, then 
make a U-turn under the highway and continue up the entrance ramp 
onto Rt. 3 South. Follow signs to the Mass Turnpike West. The 
exit for the Mass Turnpike is on the right at the end of the 
South Station Tunnel (a different tunnel from before). The signs 
don't give much advance warning of the exit.

Take the Mass Pike west to exit 13 (Route 30, Framingham/Natick). 
After the toll booth, bear right and at the second light take a 
left at the Shopper's World entrance. Follow the road to the end, 
then take a left at the traffic light onto Rt 9 Eastbound. The 
Crowne Plaza will be 50 yards on the right, past Dunkin' Donuts.

HOST CONTACT:  Charles Monia (508) 841-6757
               internet: monia at

John Lohmeyer                 E-Mail: john.lohmeyer at
Symbios Logic Inc.             Voice: 719-533-7560
4420 ArrowsWest Dr.              Fax: 719-533-7036
Colo Spgs, CO 80907-3444    SCSI BBS: 719-533-7950 300--28800 baud

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