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Regarding the recent traffic by Jim Coomes and Bob Snively: Are we truly 
going to bring back Linked Commands? No one implemented them in SCSI-2 other 
than one part of Unisys, (mapping BMC functions over to SCSI) as far as I 
know. But now with the advent of a non-interlocked control path structure, 
some folks argue it is the only way to accomplish some things they want to 

At first look, I tend to agree with Bob Snively in that a requirement for 
parsing the Control field in the CDB at the Host Adapter level seems to blur 
the architectural lines we set for SCSI-3. Yet this implicit requirement is 
there in our stated support for legacy systems with SCSI-2. I have been 
telling our people that Linked Command support is going away, but now it is 
coming back?

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