Question on Target initiated negotiations...

Rick Roche, 508-770-6351 roche at
Wed May 31 20:53:17 PDT 1995


    We are revisiting the initiate negotiation question on our disk
    products and we wanted to query the reflector audience for their

    Currently, we DO NOT initiate synchronous negotiation since some
    early host adapters didn't respond very well to the behavior.  One
    concern with this behavior is an adapter which doesn't re-negotiate on
    check conditions status may result in a sync host with and Async target.
    We do allow for target initiated negotiations to be enabled through
    a mode page control bit, but it's defaulted off.

    One proposal is to turn initiate on for wide negotiations based on
    the argument that most (all?) wide adapters must be more advanced
    and probably handle target initiated negotiations fine.  Is this
    a reasonable assumption?  Do people know of drives which do initiate
    negotiations by default?



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