X3T10 Letter Ballots

Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at cosmpdaero.ftcollinsco.ncr.com
Wed May 31 12:25:00 PDT 1995

I don't want to nag so early, but with 11 letter ballots being processed 
this time, I thought I should give X3T10 voters some early feedback.  I have 
received 16 complete sets of letter ballots so far.  I am missing 41 sets 
and have received part of the ballots from two organizations.

These ballots close June 16th and all the principal members of X3T10 should 
have already received them (in a plain brown envelop with an Adaptec mailing 
label).  If you are still thinking about your vote, by all means take your 
time.  If you haven't received your ballot package yet, please send email to 
Larry Lamers (ljlamers at aol.com) or me (john.lohmeyer at symbios.com) ASAP.

I am still missing ballots from:

Organization              Principal Member
Adaptec, Inc.             Mr. Norm Harris
Advanced Micro Devices    Mr. Ron Apt
Amphenol                  Mr. Michael Wingard
Apple Computer            Mr. Dennis Pak
AT&T                      Mr. Joe Lawlor
BusLogic                  Mr. Clifford E. Strang Jr.
Ciprico Inc.              Mr. Gerry Johnsen
Circuit Assembly Corp.    Mr. Ian Morrell
Cirrus Logic Inc.         Mr. Joe Chen
CMD Technology            Mr. Edward Haske
Congruent Software, Inc.  Mr. Peter Johansson
Conner Peripherals        Mr. Michael Bryan
Eastman Kodak Co.         Mr. Robert Reiseh
ENDL                      Mr. I. Dal Allan
Exabyte Corp.             Mr. Edward Lappin
FSI Consulting Services   Mr. Gary R. Stephens
Fujitsu                   Mr. Robert Liu
Future Domain Corp.       Mr. Mark Woithe
Hewlett Packard Co.       Mr. Stephen Holmstead
Hitachi                   Mr. S. Nadershahi
Honda Connectors          Mr. David McFadden
IBM Corp.                 Mr. George Penokie
IIX Consulting            Mr. Duncan Penman
Interphase Corp.          Mr. David Lawson
Iomega Corp.              Mr. Geoffrey Barton
Maxoptix Corp.            Ms. Donna Pope
NEC                       Mr. Chris D'Iorio   (Only received last 3 ballots)
Oak Technology, Inc.      Mr. Peter Brown
Panasonic                 Mr. Stephen F. Heil
QLogic Corp.              Mr. Skip Jones
Seagate Technology        Mr. Gene Milligan
Sequoia                   Mr. Thomas 'Rick' Tewell
Sony                      Mr. Scott Smyers              (Ballot 95-17 blank)
Storage Technology Corp.  Mr. Erich Oetting
Sun Microsystems, Inc.    Mr. Robert N. Snively
Symbios Logic, Inc.       Mr. John Lohmeyer
SyQuest Technology        Mr. Patrick Mercer
Tandem Computers          Mr. John Moy
Thomas & Betts            Mr. Harvey Waltersdorf
UNISYS Corporation        Mr. David Hudson
Unitrode                  Mr. Paul D. Aloisi
Western Digital CorporatioMr. Jeff Stai
Zadian Technologies       Mr. Dennis P. Moore

Happy voting!


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