Availability of Responses to Comments on FCP by ftp

Bob Snively Bob.Snively at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri May 26 10:54:15 PDT 1995

The Response to public review comments on FCP, X3T10/95-204, Rev 2
is now available by anonymous ftp.  If you want a copy and ftp is
unavailable to you, e-mail me a note and I can ship you the post-script
or a table-less text version.

Use ftp to connect to 


Sign in as


Use your internet login as the password.

Use the command 

	cd /pub/SCSIDOCS

to access the /pub/SCSIDOCS directory.  The contents may be viewed with
the command 


To obtain the desired document in postscript form use the command

	get fcpcmnts.ps localfilename

where localfilename is where you want it stored locally.  Print
it out or display it however your system allows.  Some
web browsers may use other fetch mechanisms and commands.
Some systems using a security firewall may require some other
command than ftp to make the connection.  Check with your local
system administrator.

The document is also available as a .mif file.

The document is expected to be in the SCSI mailing as well.


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