Notice to Alternates of X3T10 Letter Ballot

LJLamers at LJLamers at
Tue May 23 11:53:56 PDT 1995

X3T10 is conducting the following letter ballots:
X3T10/95-014R0  Letter Ballot on Recommending that an ATA TC be formed
X3T10/95-015R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding ATA+PI Project Proposal
X3T10/95-016R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding SPI-2 Project Proposal
X3T10/95-017R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding ESPC Technical Report Project
X3T10/95-018R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding FCP-2 Project Proposal
X3T10/95-019R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding SSA-PH1 Project Proposal
X3T10/95-020R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding SSA-PH2 Project Proposal
X3T10/95-021R0  Letter Ballot on Recommending Revised Scope and Name for
Project 0989-D (TL1)
X3T10/95-022R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding SSA-TL2 Project Proposal
X3T10/95-023R0  Letter Ballot on Changing Project 1121-DT to a Standards
Project (S2P)
X3T10/95-024R0  Letter Ballot on Changing Name for Project 1051-D (SSP to

The ballots are scheduled to close June 16, 1995.  The ballots have been
mailed to all principal members 
of X3T10 on record as of the May, 1995 meeting.

If you have any questions please contact me via email.

Lawrence J. Lamers
X3T10 Vice-Chair
ljlamers at

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