Vendor-specific mode page codes

Fri May 19 11:03:33 PDT 1995


Retracting the vendor-specific status of mode page codes 15h-1Fh in the
stream commands does not conflict with allowing SCSI standard definitions
of any of those mode page codes in the medium-changer commands.

In fact, one could argue that, by standardizing the usage of mode page
codes 1Dh-1Fh, the SCSI-2 standard established the principle that mode page
codes 00h through 1Fh belong to the committee for standardization, while
codes 20h through 3Eh are vendor specific.

Based on that principle, the SCSI-2 streaming commands clause is wrong when
it makes mode page codes 15h through 1Fh vendor-specific.

Finally, I must note that unless the streaming device definition changes
for mode page codes 15h - 1Fh, the informational exceptions reporting
page will not apply to tapes.  The mode page code for the informational
exceptions reporting page is 1Ch, which, unless something changes, is a
vendor-specific mode page for streaming devices.

I think that the proposed change makes sense and should continue.



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