Heads up on 11 X3T10 Letter Ballots

Lohmeyer, John JLOHMEYE at cosmpdaero.ftcollinsco.ncr.com
Sat May 13 20:11:00 PDT 1995

If you are a Principal member of X3T10, HEADS UP!  There are eleven (11) 
letter ballots that will  be sent your way next week (May 16th).  At the top 
of the list is a ballot on whether a new Technical Committee should be 
formed to be responsible for the ATA family of standards (which would 
probably be designated X3T13).

I apologize to anyone who was at the X3T10 meeting where we thought that the 
ballots would be delayed until the next mailing.  Since the reference 
documents needed for this set of ballots are all short, Larry Lamers agreed 
to mail them out with the ballots so we will not have to wait.  From a 
timing point of view this is much better as the ballots can close in 
mid-June.  This permits the results to be available before the June ATA and 
SSA meetings.  It also means that those project proposals that pass without 
comments can make the July OMC meeting instead of waiting until September -- 
this is especially important for some of the SSA projects.

I know a few people wanted some time to discuss the new ATA Technical 
Committee issue on the reflectors prior to the ballot period beginning. 
 There is nothing in the X3 rules to prevent this discussion even during the 
ballot period, provided that X3T10 members DO NOT DISCLOSE THEIR VOTE PRIOR 

After a discussion on Friday at the X3 Secretariat offices with Jean-Paul 
Emard and some of his staff, we concluded that the ballot recommending that 
new ATA Technical Committee should be formed will only require a simple 
majority to pass.  Abstentions will be permitted.  The same is true of the 
letter ballot on changing the name of one SSA project from SSP to S3P.

All other letter ballots require a 2/3rds vote to pass plus at least 50% of 
the total X3T10 membership (now at 59) must vote in the affirmative. 
 Abstentions are not permitted on these ballots.

The eleven ballots are:

Document Number                  Description

X3T10/95-014R0  Letter Ballot on Recommending that an ATA TC be formed
X3T10/95-015R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding ATA+PI Project Proposal
X3T10/95-016R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding SPI-2 Project Proposal
X3T10/95-017R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding ESPC Technical Report Project
X3T10/95-018R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding FCP-2 Project Proposal
X3T10/95-019R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding SSA-PH1 Project Proposal
X3T10/95-020R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding SSA-PH2 Project Proposal
X3T10/95-021R0  Letter Ballot on Recommending Revised Scope and Name for
                Project 0989-D (TL1)
X3T10/95-022R0  Letter Ballot on Forwarding SSA-TL2 Project Proposal
X3T10/95-023R0  Letter Ballot on Changing Project 1121-DT to a Standards
                Project (S2P)
X3T10/95-024R0  Letter Ballot on Changing Name for Project 1051-D (SSP to 

John Lohmeyer, X3T10 Chair

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