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Wed May 3 12:57:00 PDT 1995

To: Peter Brown, MMC Reflector, SCSI Reflector, ATAPI Reflector, Ron Roberts
Cc: Bob Otis, Dennis Pak
Fm: John Lohmeyer

I am sorry to copy so many reflectors, but I feel my response needs to cover 
the same people as Peter's original message.  I suggest that any follow up 
messages be directed to only the MMC Reflector.

Peter Brown wrote:

>     This meeting was changed from Wednesday to Tuesday without any
>     votes taken for the change. In fact a vote was taken by the group
>     at the Lake Tahoe meeting to make Wednesday the official meeting
>     day. Ron decided on his own to change the dates and would not
>     entertain any discussion.

I can't speak for the MMC meeting, but X3T10 both discussed the May meeting 
map and voted unanimously to approve it.  The attendance sheet shows that 
you were present for this meeting.  (If you left early, then I have no 
sympathy,  If not, then why did you vote to approve the meeting schedule?)

>     This action taken by Ron without any discussion is highly
>     offensive to me. I have also sent mail to John Lohmeyer on this
>     subject but he has not responded.

This action was not taken unilaterally by Ron.  In fact, I am not sure who 
suggested moving MMC to Tuesday, but it accommodated a need to extend the 
ATA Working Group and I recall no objections.

I have received no other email from you, but my email has been down twice in 
the last few weeks.  The first episode deleted a day's email with no bounce 
reports (server crashed).  The second bounced all email arriving Monday 
morning of this week (server disk full).

>    I also want this topic on the agenda for next working group
>    meeting after X3T10 week.

I realize you want to be present to discuss this topic, but if it is delayed 
past next week then the July meeting week schedule will also be set.  While 
X3T10 respects the input of its various working groups and tries to 
accommodate their needs, it must ultimately set the meeting schedule for its 
plenary weeks.  This means X3T10 must balance the needs of the various 
subgroups and their members.  I have not found a way to make everyone happy.

I recommend that the MMC working group discuss this topic next week and give 
their recommendations to X3T10.  Since you cannot be there, I recommend that 
you submit any additional rationale for your position to the MMC Reflector 
(only, please!).

John Lohmeyer, X3T10 Chair
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