SCAM Product List

Brian A Berg bberg at
Wed Mar 29 12:06:26 PST 1995

Thanks to the respondees to my request for information about currently
available SCAM-capable/aware products, both hardware and software.  Due to
numerous requests, here is what I have so far.

Any additions, clarifications and/or corrections, including Level 1 and 2
notations, would be appreciated.  Send these to me only, and I will update
the Reflector again.  Thank you.
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  Berg Software Design     Voice: 408.741.5010
  P.O. Box 3488              FAX: 408.741.5234
  Saratoga, CA 95070 USA   Focus: software consulting: SCSI, optical storage

Disk drives:
  Quantum "Lightning" 365/540/730 MB drives - Level 1

Tape drive:
  Tandberg Data, TDC 4220 2.5GB tape drive - Level 1

Bus Analyzers/Testers:
  DSC-216 Family: capable of tracing the SCAM protocol and displaying
    it in either a structured (English language) format, or a low-level
    (handshake examination) format.
  AST-702: will have a SCAM test available in mid-April.

    Symbios Logic 53C8xx Level 1	PCI
    qLogic FAS209 Level 2
    qLogic FAS236U Level 2					July '95
    qLogic FAS366U Level 2					July '95
    qLogic FAS409 Level 2		ISA-to-Fast		April '95
    qLogic ISP1020 Level 2		PCI-to-Fast/Wide	April '95
    qLogic ISP1040 Level 2		PCI-to-Fast-20/Wide	April '95

Host Adapter Boards:
  Adaptec AHA-1530P		ISA (in the ReadySCSI kit)
  Adaptec AHA-1540CP		ISA (OEM singles only)
  Future Domain FDC-1630	    (Plug and Play Kit)
  qLogic QLA510-PI 		PCI
  qLogic QLA1000-PI		PCI
  qLogic QLA910-PI		PCI
  qLogic QLA1001-PI		PCI
  qLogic QLA940-PI		PCI
  qLogic QLA1040-PI		PCI
  qLogic QLA1041-PI		PCI
  qLogic QLA406-PP		ISA			June '95
  qLogic QLA402-PP		ISA			June '95
  qLogic QLA402-PP		ISA			June '95

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