Wide n' Skinny SCSI

Skip Jones sk_jones at qlc.com
Wed Mar 22 16:36:17 PST 1995

It doesnt.

Address lines greater than 7 are on 16-bit cable data lines 8 thru 15 which an
8-bit device never sees.

From: Ron Cudzewicz, X4075, Pager 388 on Wed, Mar 22, 1995 3:01 PM
Subject: Re: Wide n' Skinny SCSI
To: ddavies at cts.com
Cc: scsi at wichitaks.ncr.com


	The other question I have related to this is what about SCSI ID 
addressing? How does an 8-bit device sort out wide addresses?

Ron C.
Batavia, IL
Is there any document or TIB or words of wisdom regarding the mix of Wide 
and 8-bit devices on the same SCSI bus?  My limited experience has been 
successful with hybrid cabling schemes inserting the 8-bit devices in the 
middle of the bus and terminating both ends with wide terminators.  Are 
there any more subtle gotcha's?

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