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Rosemary Tennis has agreed to re-open the P1285 ballot pool until April 4, 
1995.  If you want to participate, please follow Rosemary's instructions 


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Subject: P1285 electronic version

Here's the electronic version.  Please ask your folks to do the following:

1. Put P1285 in subject field.
2. Send only the sections marked with a (*).
3. "Cut" in appropriate places.
4. Email or fax application, not both!  If the email doesn't bounce back to
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The Microprocessor and Microcomputer Standards Committee
of the IEEE Computer Society Invites You to Ballot on

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*P1285:   Standard for Scalable Storage Interface
*Return deadline:        March 2, 1995

SCOPE:  Define a new scalable interface for use with future physically
small-sized, memory-mapped, non-volatile storage units; the interface to be
suitable for direct attachment to printed circuit boards.  The term
"storage unit" can encompass rotating storage (such as a disk drive) or
non-rotating, non-volatile storage (such as Flash memory).  The interface
is intended for use with either a single storage unit or with many
coordinated storage units.  Issues of concurrancy, latency, bandwidth,
extensibility, negotiation and partitioning, among others, will be
addressed.  Support is to be provided for deterministically scheduling data
transfers, including data transfers spanning large numbers of units.

PURPOSE:  Small-sized storage units attached directly to printed circuit
boards require a new interface architecture that allows elimination of
today's connectors and cables, for reasons of cost, size, reliability, etc.
An interface model in which storage units become part of main memory,
rather than attachments to an I/O channel, represents a paradigm shift
which simplifies the storage unit design and can support scheduling of data
transfers spanning large numbers of units.  The increasing demands placed
on storage performance by real-time applications underscore the need for
support in future systems of data transfer scheduling which may be

*Your Category of Interest in this Standards Ballot (i.e. do you, or did
you ever, use or produce the items in this standard?):
General Interest

(Note:  Please choose only ONE of the above.  If you have any combination
of Interests, check the General Interest Category)

Please print clearly, or type:

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Balloter's Responsibility - READ!
If you become part of the  balloting body, you will have 30 days to review
and respond to the draft.  In order for the Sponsor Ballot to be valid, at
least 75% of the ballots sent must be returned.  For that reason:  VOTERS
BALLOTING POOL WITHOUT NOTICE. Eligible voters are members of the IEEE or
Computer Society and non-members will comment as Parties of Interest. For
Membership Application, Call (908) 562-5524


(*)  Yes, I want to be part of the MMSC Balloting Pool and receive
invitations to ballot  future MMSC drafts..
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Please return by  March 2, 1995 to:  Rosemary Tennis IEEE Standards Office,
445 Hoes Lane, PO. Box 1331, Piscataway, NJ  08855-1331; V: 908 562 3811,
F:  908/562-1571, E: at

Rosemary Tennis
IEEE Standards Activities             V -  908 562 3811
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