SCAM Questions

Jim McGrath jmcgrath at
Thu Mar 2 14:46:55 PST 1995

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There are a number of problems with the current SPI draft of SCAM.  The one
you have mentioned was identified and is being fixed in the next
revision.  The authoritative reference is the orginal SCAM document,
rev 5.


Date: 3/2/95 1:30 PM
To: Jim McGrath
From: Kendall, Guy

Is the SCAM document that is Annex B in SPI revision 15 still the latest 
document? The reason
I ask is I think I may have found an error. I apologize if this has already 
been discussed here, but since I just started doing SCAM a few days ago I 
haven't been paying attention to it.

On page 52, under the Transfer cycles section, the text list of the sequence 
of steps seems to conflict with the picture on page 53. Specifically, the 
text sequence does not mention when the DB(6) signal is asserted. It 
mentions it's release, but never the assertion. The picture shows DB(6) 
being asserted in step 4. I am assuming the picture is correct and the text 
is wrong. Am I correct?

Are there any other known errors in the SCAM section of this document that I 
should watch out for?


Guy.Kendall at FtCollinsCO.NCR.COM
Symbios Logic, Inc. (Formally NCR Microelectronics)

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