Not Good!

Skip Jones sk_jones at
Thu Jun 22 12:46:26 PDT 1995


I am making final arrangements for flights for July mtgs and I just noticed
that SFF is on Thursday morning, delaying the plenary until the afternoon into
the evening.

To be frank: This REALLY SUCKS!!

SFF is not even an X3 committee!  So, we are forced to waste our morning and
stay an extra night, or just miss the Plenary altogether just to facilitate
SFF?  I don't think so!

I realize it is too late now to infulence any change for July with my bitching.

I strongly object to this for any future meetings.  When do you plan on setting
the September schedule?  I'll do my best to be there so that I can do my part
to ensure this does NOT happen again!



PS: No offense Dal, but really??????

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