SAM R17 hardcopy distribution

Charles Monia monia at
Mon Jun 12 07:19:07 PDT 1995


On June 10, 1995, hardcopies of SAM Revision 17 were mailed out to the
distribution given below.

As stated  in the May, 1995 X3T10 minutes, this list includes the X3T10
principal members and anyone requesting a copy as of 10 June. In addition, I
have added to the distribution officers of X3T10 and those who submitted
public review comments but were not included in the first two categories.

The list of principal members was obtained from the 6 June 1995 membership

If you are on the following list and have not received a copy by 6/19/95,
please let me know.

Charles Monia

SAM R 17 Hardcopy Distribution:

Mr. I. Dal Allan  (P)
Mr. Paul D. Aloisi  (P)
Mr. Ron Apt  (P)
Mr. Geoffrey Barton  (P)
Mr. Robert Bellino  (P)
Mr. Charles Binford (O)
Mr. Charles Brill  (P)
Mr. Peter Brown  (P)
Mr. Michael Bryan  (P)
Mr. Kurt Chan
Mr. Joe Chen  (P)
Mr. Chris D'Iorio  (P)
Mr. Joe Dambach  (P)
Mr. Jan V. Dedek  (P)
Mr. Stephen G. Finch  (P)
Mr. Edward Fong  (P)
Mr. Dave Ford (O)
Mr. Giles Frazier  (O)
Mr. Louis Grantham  (P)
Mr. Norm Harris  (P)
Mr. Edward Haske  (P)
Mr. Dennis R. Haynes  (P)
Mr. Stephen F. Heil  (P)
Mr. Stephen Holmstead  (P)
Mr. David Hudson  (P)
Mr. Peter Johansson  (P)
Mr. Gerry Johnsen  (P)
Mr. Skip Jones  (P)
Mr. Lawrence J. Lamers  (A#)
Mr. Edward Lappin  (P)
Mr. Joe Lawlor  (P)
Mr. David Lawson  (P)
Mr. Robert Liu  (P)
Mr. John Lohmeyer  (P)
Mr. Bob Masterson  (P)
Mr. David McFadden  (P)
Mr. James McGrath  (P)
Mr. Pete McLean  (P)
Mr. Patrick Mercer  (P)
Mr. Gene Milligan  (P)
Mr. Dennis P. Moore  (P)
Mr. Ian Morrell  (P)
Mr. John Moy  (P)
Mr. S. Nadershahi  (P)
Mr. Erich Oetting  (P)
Mr. Alan R. Olson  (P)
Mr. Dennis Pak  (P)
Mr. Duncan Penman  (P)
Mr. George Penokie  (P)
Mr. Doug Piper  (P)
Ms. Donna Pope  (P)
Mr. Robert Reiseh  (P)
Mr. John P. Scheible  (A)
Mr. Lansing Sloan  (O)
Mr. Scott Smyers  (P)
Mr. Robert N. Snively  (P)
Mr. Jeff Stai  (P)
Mr. Gary R. Stephens  (P)
Mr. Clifford E. Strang Jr. (P)
Mr. Thomas 'Rick' Tewell  (P)
Mr. Rodney Van Meter (O)
Mr. Dean Wallace  (P)
Mr. Harvey Waltersdorf  (P)
Mr. Gary M. Watson  (P)
Mr. Ralph O. Weber  (A#)
Mr. Thomas Wicklund  (O)
Mr. Michael Wingard  (P)
Mr. Mark Woithe  (P)
Mr. Charles Yang (O)


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