Target initiated negotiations

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At Compaq we require all targets to initiate negotiations when the
target feels it is necessary (after POR, resets, and BDR).  In a hot-plug
environment, it is impossible for the initiator to know that the negotiated
parameters of a target may have changed otherwise.

In general we do not negotiate with a target until we have seen the
inquiry data and know that the target supports negotiation.  I have seen 
many targets that go belly-up if you negotiate with them and they say that 
do not support negotiation.  This has been a problem with older CD-Roms
and tapes.

We are very forgiving about when the target attempts negotiation.  It can 
anytime after the nexus is established and anytime before a message-in that
requires a bus-free.  Yes you can negotiate in the middle of data phase and
after a status phase if you want to.


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