Question on Target initiated negotiations...

Gerry Houlder Gerry_Houlder at
Thu Jun 1 10:36:26 PDT 1995

> One proposal is to turn initiate on for wide negotiations based on
> the argument that most (all?) wide adapters must be more advanced
> and probably handle target initiated negotiations fine.  Is this
> a reasonable assumption?  Do people know of drives which do initiate
> negotiations by default?

Seagate has a similar policy on its drives. The "standard OEM" drive is shipped 
with a Mode bit setting that prevents the drive from initiating 
wide/synchronous negotiation. Drives that are shipped directly to customers are 
set up the way the customer wants them.

Actually, you want to hear from the SCSI host adaptor vendors and driver 
software vendors. Then you need to decide how many "we don't want to drive to 
do that" answers it takes to make you continue the current policy of desiring 
to work with even the least accomodating initiator ...

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