Proposed Objectives and Agenda for High Availability Study Group Mtg

Steve Sicola...Array Controller Engineering 522-2268 sicola at
Fri Jul 7 14:53:11 PDT 1995

In recounting what I presented at the May meetings in Harrisburg, I think the 
objective of the HA study group should be to provide insight into how SCSI 3
will handle:

1)Fault Tolerant Storage Controllers (RAID or not)
2)Different Topologies with the Storage Controllers (single bus, dual
bus, multi-port controllers, etc.
3)Actions during Exceptions (tie in with ANSI work with Exception
pages)..including some out of band issues such as warm swap, multi-host drive 
support, rules on RESET, etc..)
4)Load Balancing between fault tolerant configurations

The agenda for the meeting:

a)Presentation of some fault tolerant controller configurations and how the 
existing document set for SCSI 3 handles (or not) these configurations
b)Presentation and discussion of possible amendments to the document set
to achieve the objectives above (if required/desired).
c)How do we want to document this (in same document set or an accompanying
  'profile' for achiving objectives in a similar way).


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