95-221R1 -- Vendor-specific mode page codes for tapes

Sun Jul 2 16:04:42 PDT 1995


To:       SCSI Reflector

From:     Ralph O. Weber      ROWeber at ACM.org
          ENDL Associates

Date:     July 2, 1995

Subject:  Vendor-specific mode page codes for tapes

At the May X3T10 working group meeting, a conflicting usage of mode
page code values was discovered.  In most instances, SCSI-2 defines
the usage of mode page codes 20h through 3Eh as vendor-specific.  For
stream devices, however, mode page codes 15h through 3Eh are defined
as vendor-specific.  The May working group meeting conclude that the
SCSI-2 stream device assignment of mode page codes 15h through 1Fh
(inclusive) is incorrect.  In all cases (including stream devices),
mode page codes 15h through 1Fh should be reserved for future

The problem and solution were broadcast on the SCSI Reflector in
mid-May.  Revision 0 of this document (announcing  the problem and
solution) was included in the June X3T10 committee mailing.  No one
has reported any difficulties with the solution.

Therefore, X3T10 should act immediately to define mode page codes 15h
through 1Fh (inclusive) as reserved for future standardization in all
device models.  The SCSI-3 Stream Commands technical editor should be
instructed to so note these mode page codes in the SSC.  An errata or
other suitable document should be published against the SCSI-2

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